Soft Shake Compilation Volume 1, mockup.

Soft Shake Compilation Vol. 1

What is it?

2020 promises to be an incredible year. We’re doing our part by bringing you a compilation of some of our favorite artists. We’ve asked twelve artists to record a new song to be featured on our first compilation. To make it interesting, we requested that each artist record the track in a home studio environment to bring it that DIY feel.  Audiofiles take note:  we’ll have it mixed/mastered to ensure audio continuity. We’ll be releasing on a limited run cassette and also on CD. Check out our store to pre-order a copy.  

Featuring previously unreleased music from these great artists: 


Ivy Rye

Kind Skies

Lee Bozeman

Local Violence

Pool Ratz

Townsel Turner

Tucker Riggleman/The Cheap Dates

The Warm Jets

Wes Farmer

When Autumn Calls


You Interested? We are.


Ride The Past Waves of The Future: Interview With Jacob Turnbloom of Mrs Magician

 California’s Jacob Turnbloom is set to release his debut solo album “Cemetery Luau”  just in time for the holiday of spooks on 10/31. When paired with the dracula-inspired visual released to accompany the lead single, an undertone of horror in death in this album follows similar themes present in his work in previous projects like Mrs Magician and The Grave Walks. 

Featured News

Certainly Optimistic


When listening to new music, I feel it’s best to close my eyes to fully access the plane music sits between-reality and the dream-like state a  new father is all-too-familiar with...



Till I Fall spins a wonderful narrative that is honest, emotional, and gives a look into the mindset of someone who is struggling between what is good

Local Violence - Deadbeat EP release


 One quality that will attract me to a song, or a band for that matter, is the singer’s ability to convince me that s/he believes the song is more important than personal ego or vainglorious search for self-congratulation... 

Life Is Good


 I first saw Ivy Rye in late 2018. I knew guitarist Colin Michael through  mutual friends, but had never seen his band, or heard their music...

A Cheap Date In Heaven


 Tucker Riggleman has been a fixture of the West Virginia/Virginia music scene  for quite a while in various bands you’d do well to learn about here...

Take It From The Top: When Autumn Calls' Punk Rock Rating


 A market once dominated by power chord fueled rock became over-saturated, and pop-punk had fallen to the wayside...

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