What Is Soft Shake?

Soft Shake is a music site dedicated to raising awareness for great music we like. Whether it be through an essay or review, our podcast, or a live show we sponsor, we are primarily interested in promoting this music we believe in.


There's an old adage floating around many literature classrooms: good criticism should make you want to read the work whether you know anything about it or not. To our minds, that approach to thoughtfully engaging a piece of art is inherently promotional. Our job is to make a case for great music being made that we believe you need to hear.

Who is soft shake? / staff

Chris Boss


Chris spent a few years learning to read and write professionally (PhD in English from the University of Kentucky). He now teaches high school English, writes songs for his band Kind Skies, collaborates in The Warm Jets, serves in the Episcopal church, doles out dad jokes to two boys, and celebrates anniversaries with an amazing partner. I love classical music (chamber and choral music, particularly), indie rock, and jazz from the 50's and 60's. I am an avid reader-I love books about suburbia, city life, addiction, recovery, and spirituality. 

Favorite Quote: "Let be be finale of seem." - Wallace Stevens


Zane Brammell


A family man heavily invested in the ever-changing seasons, and forever adapting in the realm of fatherhood. Currently working for UK Healthcare, he enjoys free time spent with family and friends, & photographing shows. He listens to a diverse catalog of music,-his favorite being punk rock.

Favorite Quote: "Time is the least thing we have of." - Ernest Hemingway


Rachel Wood


A perpetual lost boy searching for reason, she is a fiercely loyal friend and finds passion in many ventures. Currently employed with UK Healthcare, she enjoys reading, writing, and attending shows in her free time. While she enjoys an ever growing collection of genres, the favorites are punk and emo.

Favorite Quote: "I know that in my own mind, I struggle with a desire to be both entirely absent and entirely present in any given moment." - Kristine Flaherty (K. Flay)